A positive bedtime routine with your child will be one of the most nurturing and memorable childhood memories you can give.

I remember mine.

My mom would light the handmade candle I brought home from kindergarten class. She would sit by my bedside and read two stories for me. I always got to choose the books.

The first book would be something new or different. The second book was always the same... Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. Still to this day, I have that book memorized.

Later in life, when I struggled to fall asleep, I would light a candle, read a book, and almost like magic, fall asleep peacefully. You don't have to follow the same bedtime routine that my mom and I shared, but I challenge you to invite some mindfulness into your and your child's bedtime routine.

Make it a ritual that you and your child share... and cherish those moments!

Here are five super simple mindfulness tips to incorporate into your bedtime routine:

1. Set a time to start the routine every night.

2. Switch to soft lighting to signal the brain that it is time to wind down.

3. Incorporate relaxing scents, like lavender or chamomile.

4. Play soft and gentle instrumental music.

5. Listen to a guided meditation or bedtime story.

There are 5 tips to incorporate into your mindfulness bedtime routine. Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed this, please share on social media!

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Bedtime mindfulness for kids

January 18, 2020

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Bedtime Mindfulness
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