Every Thursday at 5pm Eastern, I sit down with a group of kids ages 8-13 and practice calming yoga poses and breathing exercises. It is taught online via Outschool and it is a great bedtime yoga class!

Just like adults, children also face bouts of anxiety that can completely take over their day and lives. When you’re an adult, you usually have the vocabulary to describe the way you feel and sometimes we can identify what the feelings and thoughts are about. Children, on the other hand, don’t always have the words […]

By encouraging your child to incorporate grounding techniques into their day, you can help them learn at an early age how to manage stress, tune into their body, and calm their nervous systems down.

A positive bedtime routine with your child will be one of the most nurturing and memorable childhood memories you can give.

1-Hour Kids Yoga Training

Get started teaching kids yoga in a fun, accessible, and culturally-responsible way. Includes tips and resources to start teaching now!